Christoph is a Vancouver visual artist with a love of surrealism and collaboration.

Le work de Christoph Prevost

That “Holy shit!” moment when your perspective shifts and you start seeing the flip side of things — that’s the sweet spot.

Whether the people who look at my photographs feel delight, sadness or disgust, that moment of realization is where I want to keep them. That’s my goal.

Photography is my tool. I manipulate reality, creating surreal juxtapositions. The single, conceptual image is more like a painting than a photograph. Each one explores a duality, and tells a story.

I love the electricity that colliding opposites generate: the natural combined with the mechanical, the horrifying sitting beside the sweet, the sad within the silly.

Showing these contrasts is my way of challenging people to see the ideas, people and world around them in a way they’ve never seen them before.

Street Credibility

  • Education: Professional Photography Program, Langara College
  • Commercial work: Four years assisting and retouching for some of Vancouver’s best photographers
  • Art: Multimedia collaborations and personal projects exhibited at local galleries, theatres and online

Collaboration is fun

This is one of my favourite aspects of creating. I’m inspired by people who set boundaries for me to work within.

I’m looking to take on commissions and artistic collaborations with like-minded organizations and individuals who are looking to make playful conceptual art that takes them outside their comfort zones.

When we do an initial brainstorm together, expect a thoughtful, friendly human being with a soft spot for corny jokes. When I arrive for the shoot, expect an organized, well-prepared professional. With a soft spot for corny jokes.

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